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BAC 3.5m High tip
BAC 3.5m High tip Good Bucket, On Volvo ( euro ) style quick hitch  2.8m wide. ..
BAC 3m High tip
BAC 3m High tip bucket On Volvo quick hitch fittings, tidy bucket 2.75m wide ***** SOLD ***..
BAC 5m High tip
BAC 5m High tip bucket Good tidy bucket with good pins and bush's 2.8m Wide suitable for L90/1..
Cat 966G 4.2m GP
Genuine CAT 966G 4.2m GP bucket On Volvo L150/180 coupler system 3.2m wide Good tidy bucket..
Cat 966G 4.2m GP + Teeth
CAT 966 4.2m GP bucket + teeth On Volvo 150/180 coupler system 3.2m wide Good tidy buc..
L120F ***** SOLD ***** ..
L120F Long Boom
***** SOLD ***** ..
L150 Hy tip 5.5m
Liebherr pallet forks 7 ton
Liebherr pallet forks  7 ton capacity Volvo (euro) style fittings Frame 2m wide For..
Log Grab ZFE
Powerhand Log Grabs
Powerhand Log Grabs, Model LG90-1650  On Volvo style Quick hitch fittings   ..
SMP 5.7m
SMP 5.7m Bucket to fit L150/180 machines Unused ..
Ulrich 4.3m HD High tip
Ulrich 4.3m Heavy duty high tip bucket On Volvo (euro) style quick hitch fittings, repaired by MS..
Ulrich 4.5 / 5m High tip
Ulrich 4.5 / 5m High tip bucket on Volvo (euro) style quick hitch fittings, Reworked by MST inclu..
Ulrich 4.5m
Ulrich 5.5m High tip
Ulrich 5.5m High tip  ( SOLD !! ) On Volvo (euro) style quick hitch fittings Very tidy bu..
Ulrich 6m Bucket
Ulrich 6m Qh bucket On Volvo L120 style quick hitch fittings Unused, choice of 3  ****..
Ulrich 7.5m High tip
Ulrich 7.5m High tip bucket, Volvo ( euro ) style quick hitch fittings, Waste spec, 3.1m ..
Ulrich L150 Pallet forks
Ulrich pallet forks  On Volvo L150/180 size quick hitch fittings ***** SOLD ***** &nbs..
Viby Jern 3.5m High tip
Viby Jern High tip 3.5m  ***** SOLD ***** On Volvo Quick hitch fittings Good bucket ..
Volvo 13m High tip
Genuine Volvo 13m high tip bucket direct pin for L150 / L180 CDEF and G models Unused.  ..
Volvo 2.1m QH bucket
Volvo 2.1m Quick hitch bucket for L60/70  Tidy bucket. ***** SOLD ***** ..
Volvo 7.8m Bucket
Genuine Volvo 7.8m Bucket UNUSED L150/180 pin on fittings C to H series 3.4m wide. ***** SO..
Volvo L180 Jib
Volvo Crane jib For L150/180/220 machines ( choice of 3 ) ***** ALL SOLD ***** ..
Volvo L220G quick hitch
Genuine Volvo L220G Quick hitch Very tidy coupler will fit all 220 models 100mm top pin 90m..
Volvo L60E
Volvo L60G
L60G SOLD ..
Volvo L70E
Volvo L70H
Volvo L70H 2016, SOLD ..
Volvo L90H

Gallery of previously sold Volvo loaders and attachments